WordPress plugin Simple Google Analytics

A simple Plugin to add Analytics code on your pages. You simply enter your ID, you choose if you are on a sub-domain and add your domain name.
Version 2.1.0
Ratings: 4 stars
Last Updated: June 21, 2013

Here are a list of websites/webpages that uses Simple Google Analytics WordPress plugin

1 stuffthatspins.com
2 www.artofweb.pl
3 www.pixel77.com
4 www.agileinfoways.com
5 www.tugas.ch
6 nysepost.com
7 sanchezalbilloarquitecto.com
8 www.extrenet.info
9 www.sanchezalbilloarquitecto.com
10 freebiesbooth.com
11 www.onceinaweb.com
Total of 20 sitesusing the WordPress plugin Simple Google Analytics WordPress plugin.
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