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UserEcho - new way to listen and engage your customers

Setup simple UserEcho tab widget to collect customers responses and ideas. All you need is just copy and paste a few lines of code onto your web site.
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userecho as of December 14, 2013

October 29, 2012
We improved design and functionality of the tab widget. 1. Now it has more professional look. Widget tab includes gradient and smooth animation. 2. It's possible to customize many of the widget parameters, such us color, font size, background color, corners radius. 3. Also we added new modes, widget now can be attached to the top or the bottom of the screen. 4. Alive tab looks even better than on the screenshot, look for it. Also we want to inform that we hard work on the new feature, it's will be realtime chat for clients support. Will be possible to add a chat for your community within few mouse clicks.

October 1, 2012
Collaborating about adding Real time chat feature to the UserEcho, it's good to have all in one place. Vote if you want it here

August 14, 2012
Added feature to create and track assigned tasks

August 9, 2012
We've been pushing out a lot of smaller updates at UserEcho.

June 18, 2012
We redesigned our widget, plus a lot of updates. Read our blog for full details

May 21, 2012
UserEcho editor extended with new features. Added autosizing by height, editor area height will extend to content when your typing. Added support for resizing images inside editor, just point any image with mouse cursor and then click and drag to change size. Cleanup for pasted content. For example for text copied and inserted from Word.

May 5, 2012
We added new dashboard modules for communities. Stats and Activity.

April 29, 2012
UserEcho upgraded to HTML5 Responsive layout

April 4, 2012
Working hard, on HTML5 responsive design version of UserEcho with mobile phones support, release coming soon.

March 22, 2012
Added support for private forums to the Pivotal tracker integration

We added ability to create ... / Blog forum / Blog
March 16, 2012
UserEcho becomes even more flexible. We added ability to create custom statuses. Now you can add missed statuses to your community. Below some examples, which statuses added by our clients. 1) Can't reproduce - additional status suitable for BUG topic type. 2) On hold -status fo...

February 29, 2012
Added ability to set the display order of forums

February 23, 2012
We implemented Twitter monitoring from UserEcho Monitor your twitter feed directly from UserEcho interface. Turn tweets into topics. Now when you reply on topics your replies will be auto-posted to twitter from your name.

February 21, 2012
We completely upgraded the whole admin interface in the UserEcho, using twitter #bootstrap @twbootstrap @BWBootstrap

February 15, 2012
We added option to grant read-only access for private forums to anonymous users.

Ability to see environment of ... / Blog forum / Blog
January 27, 2012
Added ability to see environment of user who leaves feedback We provide Screen resolution, User agent, Flash version and IP address at this moment feel free torequestadditional info. To see this, click to the more action on a feedback and choose user environment option. Mi...

Added topic status updates history / Blog forum / Blog
January 8, 2012
Now it's possible to look the history of topic status updates. To see it just click on the "Show status update history" link at the top of official comment. After click you can see all status updates on the topic.

Affiliate programm / Blog forum / Blog
January 6, 2012
We are looking for a beta testers for our affiliate program, if you are evangelist of UserEcho contact us for details.

First updates of the 2012 ... / Blog forum / Blog
January 5, 2012
We redesigned topic & topic list presentations Nowavatar of the person who created the idea shown next to the post title. Topics without voter now nicely indented. Sharing links is placed directly on the topic instead the right panel. Find out topic-list presentation changes on the scree...

Show avatar of idea creator ... / General forum / UserEcho
January 4, 2012
Would like to see the avatar of the person who created the idea shown next to the post title. You already show the avatar for all the commenters. Why not the original poster? Also see image for suggested location. This view is showing the full post view mode in the list display. In my sample...

Is there any limit to ... / General forum / UserEcho
December 23, 2011
Added ability to set votes limit for user.

Integrate with Google Analytics / General forum / UserEcho
December 20, 2011
I think the analytics features that UserEcho provides are very basic and limited. Also, you cannot implement all the features that are already in Google Analytics. So why fight it? Please add the ability to integrate Google Analytics code into our UserEcho site. Possibly add this feature to the ...

Now community owners can conduct ... / Blog forum / Blog
December 1, 2011
We added easy way to create polls.Look at example survey below. To create survey usemore->pollsettings in action menu an topic. Then use add variant button to create needed poll variants. After adding variants close settings panel and refresh page. Poll created! A...

Another bunch of updates / Blog forum / Blog
November 30, 2011
Added filter by tag mode to the topic list module.Using this technique it's easy to place some important topics on dashboard.Find out step by step guide below: Create custom tag, for example "Hot topic". Mark some topics with this tag. Goto customize section and add new topic list on dashboard....

Google+ integration (widget) for right ... / General forum / UserEcho
November 18, 2011

UserEcho - Google+
November 18, 2011
UserEcho - UserEcho - Service that helps to build active support community around your project.

Edit a feedback's HTML and ... / General forum / UserEcho
November 7, 2011
It would be a grat feature, when editor is able to switch to HTML-View of an item to edit an item by his own. i.e. I'm not able, to show two pictures side by side. Or write beside a picture.

Misc minor updates / Blog forum / Blog
October 31, 2011
Now each topic status (IDEA,BUG,QUESTION,etc) has custom-dedicated list of statuses. Facebook integration updated to meet new facebook requiriments. Added new mode for forums (No voting) - all topics will be displayed without voting ability. Also it's possible to show/hide voting block on each top...

Ability to send private feedback ... / General forum / UserEcho
October 28, 2011
Now that it is possible to post private messages on the site, it'd be great if it was also possible to post private messages using the widget. Thanks!

Added UserEcho - Wordpress plugin / Blog forum / Blog
October 20, 2011
UserEcho released first version of a Wordpress plugin, that allow easy way to start collect and manage feedback for blog. Features: Allows easy tab widget integration. Support for Single Sign On Tab widget at the right side: Widget exp...

Enable/disable voting by Feedback type / General forum / UserEcho
October 13, 2011
For example in Feedback type "Questions" it doesn't seem to have much sense to allow voting if it is a simple question (since it only aims to be answered). And it doesn't seem to have much sense either to order this type of feedback by number of votes.

Allow embedding of videos / General forum / UserEcho
September 26, 2011
Would be fantastic if embedding ofscreenr.comvideos was allowed!

Improved login/sign-up process for users who just want to vote.
September 25, 2011
When a non-logged-in user clicks on theVotebutton to cast a vote, UserEcho prompts them to log in/sign up by showing the orange "You need to log in," bar at the top of the screen. This requires the user to stop what they're doingand go sign up or sign in, then come back and click the Votebutton a se...

Improved usability of Sign-in process / Blog forum / Blog
September 19, 2011
Weconducted significantwork to improve theusability ofauthenticationpopup.

More control / Blog forum / Blog
December 19, 2011
Now we are added ability to block users.

Custom modes of voting / Blog forum / Blog
September 4, 2011
Added custom voting types. [1] Positive and negative and [2] Only positive.

Please add support for ... / General forum / UserEcho
August 24, 2011
Added support for video embedding in UserEcho feedback and comments.

Attaching files / Blog forum / Blog
August 25, 2011
We added ability to attach files.

New editor, coloring, embedding videos / Blog forum / Blog
August 9, 2011
We improved our editor, added ability to embed videos, edit links, change colors of text and background. New stylish design.

Pivotal Tracker Integration / General forum / UserEcho
July 28, 2011
UserEcho now integrate with project management tool Pivotal-tracker

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