Dojo Toolkit 1.7 Dojo Toolkit 1.7

Extremely Small and Fast

Dojo saves you time and scales with your development process, using web standards as its platform. It’s the toolkit experienced developers turn to for building high quality desktop and mobile web applications.

From simple websites to large packaged enterprise applications whether desktop or mobile, Dojo will meet your needs.

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@dojo as of October 3, 2013
October 3, 2013
RT @sitepen: Our last @dojo workshops of the year are October 14-18 in London and DC. Register now at
October 3, 2013
RT @kfranqueiro: OH on @dojo IRC: "So far I have migrated my app from 1.6 -> 1.9.1 without having to touch a line of code so props to every…
October 3, 2013
RT @sitepen: dgrid 0.3.11 has been released with many fixes and enhancements including improved tree filtering!
September 16, 2013
Upcoming @dojo events:
September 10, 2013
RT @tomwayson: today @DavidSpriggs and @ScottAGRC made writing #esrijs apps in pure @dojo a lot more interesting w/ intern tests + amd buil…
September 6, 2013
RT @sitepen: LAST CALL! Dojo training workshop in Chicago starts on Monday. Use promocode BACKPACK to save 20%! Sign up today: http://t.…
September 5, 2013
@dojo case study, Buildspace:
September 5, 2013
RT @sitepen: Learn how to improve your CSS with xstyle from @kriszyp!
September 5, 2013
RT @_hoyet: I've been using @dojo for months now and just made my first contribution last night. It was small, but I did it. #JavaScript
September 5, 2013
RT @LZAntal: anyone uses @dojo ? How does it plays with @jquery ? I mainly looking at using their tabs and tree widget. They look very good…
August 29, 2013
RT @csantanapr: Single Page App(SPA) boilerplate for @dojo and @apachecordova using @gruntjs @bower full @nodejs st…
August 23, 2013
RT @chrisimrie: Was sitting on this, may as well share: @dojo specific solution to one of the @js_bin birthday competition entries. http://…
August 21, 2013
RT @sitepen: Back to School Special! Use Promocode BACKPACK for our upcoming Chicago Workshops & get 20% off!
August 20, 2013
RT @sitepen: @dojo FAQ: How do you cleanly remove aspect handles? Answer:
August 16, 2013
Halvtone Dojo case study:
August 14, 2013
RT @sitepen: Are your JS skills being wasted? Are you stagnating under bad code and worse management? Join the SitePen team today! http://t…
August 1, 2013
RT @sitepen: dgrid 0.3.9 is now available, with new and improved Intern unit tests, and a plethora of fixes!
August 1, 2013
RT @sitepen: Intern 1.2 is now available!
July 18, 2013
RT @sitepen: Attention Pacific Northwest JS Devs: SitePen is holding @dojo training workshops in Seattle in August!
July 16, 2013
RT @sitepen: We've just released our first Intern tutorial! Now you, in turn, can learn to write some suite tests.
July 13, 2013
BeakPi: @dojo case study
July 3, 2013
RT @sitepen: @dojo FAQ: What is the map config option? Answer:
June 30, 2013
@ahesan_suthar you can find the install docs in the readme at
June 30, 2013
RT @hfloerke: Just migrated from @dojo 1.8 to 1.9 without heavy problems. Thanks to the dojo team!
June 30, 2013
RT @sitepen: dgrid 0.3.8 is now available, with various fixes and improved compatibility with Dojo 1.9!
June 26, 2013
RT @KyleSziv: the more I use @dojo widgets, the more I like them. The code in @github is well documented and easy to read!
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