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June 15, 2012
Google + Quickoffice = get more done anytime, anywhere We're happy to announce that we have acquired Quickoffice, a leader in office productivity solutions. Today, consumers, businesses and schools use Google Apps to get stuff done from anywhere, with anyone and on any device. Quickoffice has an established track record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats, and we'll be working on bringing their powerful technology to our Apps product suite. Quickoffice has a strong base of users, and we look forward to supporting them while we work on an even more seamless, intuitive and integrated experience. We're excited to welcome the Quickoffice team and their users to Google.

November 2, 2012
Google+: a mobile app with sense and soul Sharing is deeply sensory. From cooking a favorite meal to getting together with friends, it's the smells and the stories and the smiles that make human connections so essential. With Google+ we want to extend these moments online, so it’s only right to focus on the most personal of personal computers: your mobile phone. To be clear, we’re not interested in a mobile or social experience that’s just smaller. We’re embracing the sensor-rich smartphone (with its touchable screen and high-density display), and transforming Google+ into something more intimate, and more expressive. Today’s new iPhone app is an important step in this direction—toward a simpler, more beautiful Google. A feast for the eyes Full-bleed photos and videos are cool. But you know what’s really cool? Content so immersive it remakes your mobile device into a rich carousel of beloved memories and breaking news. That’s the Google+ experience we aspire to, and today’s release helps us get closer: Whether you post photos or articles or text, we’re making ‘em look gooood We’re adding crisper fonts, larger profile pics and a friendlier homescreen We’re making the stream easier to scan, and easier on the eyes with overlays, gradients and other visual elements A stream you can swim in Looks alone aren't enough—you also need an app that's fast and fluid. Even a simple swipe gesture can inspire the same “wheeee!” as the bubble wands and ball pits we enjoy(ed) as kids. So today’s update pays special attention to fun and performance: Conversations fall into view as you move forward and backward in time Optical cues (like parallax) help the mind linger on individual posts Important actions like +1 now float atop the stream, making it easy to endorse all your favorites The end result—we hope—is an app that brings you closer to the people you care about, and the stuff you’re into; an app with sense and soul. But please, give it a go and let us know what you think. The iPhone update is rolling out now to the App Store (version, and the Android update is coming in a few weeks (with a few extra surprises).

Google+ - Android Apps on Google Play
September 5, 2012
Share and keep up with people no matter where you are. Features: Circles let you share the right things with just the right people. Visit the stream to get updates fro...

Google+: Reading and Responding
August 14, 2012
There are plenty of ways to join the conversation. Add a comment, +1 the stuff you think is cool, or even start a hangout. Learn more at

Google+: Sharing
May 13, 2012
Google+ is all about sharing. Share photos, videos, links, or anything else that's on your mind. Find out more at

Google+: About Circles
May 15, 2012
Circles make it easy to share the right things with the right people, just like in real life. Learn more at

July 2, 2012
1 .Set up your profile Your profile is where your friends can find out the latest about you. Add a profile picture, share a few details about yourself, and pick a cover photo that tells people a little more about who you are. 2.Help your friends find you Where have you worked, lived, and gone to school? Add some basic information to make it easier for people to find you. 3.Adjust your privacy settings It’s easy to control who can see what on your profile. You can also choose who can tag you in photos, comment on your posts, and send you notifications. Set your preferences in your Google+ settings. Watch a video

I Love The Word Cute
May 10, 2012

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