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Powerful Content Management, Open Source Price

BrowserCMS is easy for anyone to use, and is at once familiar.
* Browse by an intuitive sitemap of folders and pages
* Search for content, or browse by content type
* No IT degree required

Recent News feed from their twitter page:
@browsercms as of May 9, 2013
May 9, 2013
Railsconf talk on Mountable Engines by BrowserCMS lead @peakpg is now available. Covers how to build a CMS engine.
February 13, 2013
BrowserCMS v3.5.5 is out. Primarily bug fixes contributed by our community. Thanks everyone!
August 2, 2012
Heading to Lone Star Ruby Conf? Catch our awesome CTO, Patrick Peak, drop some knowledge on about Mountable Engines:
June 30, 2012
Great 4.0 Redesign is under way using Twitter Bootstrap to simplify things and improved menus. See early version here:
June 8, 2012
Want to easily upload and link to images or pages in BrowserCMS? You can now with the new bcms_kcfinder module! Requires new BCMS v3.5.2.
June 2, 2012
New BrowserCMS (v3.5.1) to go with your new Rails (v3.2.5). Fixed bugs that cropped up with the new security patch:
May 31, 2012
BrowserCMS 3.5.0 is done! Includes Rails 3.2.x, Heroku support, Paperclip, and Mobile templates. Release notes here:!topic/browsercms/aYVm0LVK4OQ
May 19, 2012
BrowserCMS v3.5.0.rc1 is out!topic/browsercms/33ksJ9DmFxs featuring Rails 3.2 compatibility, Mobile, Heroku and Paperclip support. Feedback welcome
Recent News feed from their facebook page:
BrowserMedia as of December 14, 2013
October 22, 2012
BrowserMedia and nclud are throwing a party!
August 2, 2012
Heading to Lone Star Ruby Conf? Catch our awesome CTO, Patrick Peak, drop some knowledge on about Mountable Engines:

CSS Generated Content: What Is It & What's Possible? | BrowserMedia
July 26, 2012
So what do I mean when I say CSS generated content?

July 20, 2012
Full house at the SASS presentation last night. Thanks to everyone who participated!

June 26, 2012
Another kick ass presentation by BrowserMedia peeps. Not bad for a days work!

Benevolent Media Festival 2012 Schedule
June 18, 2012
Check out the schedule for Benevolent Media Festival 2012

Upcoming & Past BrowserMedia Events | BrowserMedia
June 7, 2012
Don't miss out next time! Join us at our next event and meet the team

BrowserMedia is merging with nclud | BrowserMedia
June 6, 2012
the birth of a digital powerhouse - BrowserMedia is merging with nclud!

Trendspotting: Mega-Menus | BrowserMedia
May 24, 2012
Time to send your fat (mega drop down) menu to fat camp? Check out our IA's thoughts on these in our latest blog post:

Faux-Button Frustration | BrowserMedia
May 15, 2012
Did you push that or not? A new post by @jefffis

Horizon Interactive Awards : Website Awards - Recognizing Excellence in Web Design, Mobile Apps, Web
May 15, 2012
Wowzers, we just won 6 awards for our clients in 2011!

Avoiding Content Meltdown | BrowserMedia
May 11, 2012
Thought you knew what creating content was all about?

The Design Gap | BrowserMedia
May 8, 2012
The Design Gap: Schools Out. Some Real Opinions from a Real Designer -

The Case for UX | BrowserMedia
May 3, 2012
Shout out to the first lady blogger on BrowserBlog- Hana Jung

BrowserMedia is pleased to launch a new site for Digestive Disease Week | BrowserMedia
April 30, 2012
Check out the new site for DDW!

With Google Drive announced, what is the best cloud storage service for you?
April 26, 2012
If you decided to get a few gigabytes of cloud storage today, no one would blame you for being intimidated by the number and variety of serv...

SVG + Icon Fonts: Retina Ready Goodness | BrowserMedia
April 20, 2012
What's the deal with SVG & Icon Fonts? #dctech

BrowserMedia Is Proud To Launch A New Website For The National Congress Of American Indians | Browse
April 20, 2012
A New Website For The National Congress Of American Indians:

Giving The CMS Back To The Content: Make The Stage - Internet Week New York
April 6, 2012
Internet Week New York is a festival celebrating NYC's thriving Internet industry & community.

Posts tagged with sxsw | BrowserMedia
April 4, 2012
two of our team members offering their take on this year's SXSW Interactive conference

Rubynation Thoughts | BrowserMedia
April 3, 2012
From .net to ruby; A ruby dev shares his thoughts from Rubynation 2012 #dontworry

A Graceful Guide to Social Media Conduct | BrowserMedia
March 31, 2012
New blog post from rising BrowserMedia star John Salmon
March 29, 2012
Let's make Rails on OS X easy again! "Install this .app. Good job, you now have a working Rails install!"

BrowserCMS 3.4.0 Released
March 21, 2012
We are proud to announce that BrowserCMS 3.4.0 is out! It's Rails 3.1.x compatible, a Mountable app, and sports a new upgrade script.

March 12, 2012
Thanks to all who came out last night to hang with team Browser at the Be Brave party!

#DCTech SXSW Pre-Party
March 6, 2012
Before we head off to SXSW, we thought it'd be good to get everyone together. We can all trade stories & strategies for getting the most out of SXSW. If you're not going to SXSW, that's cool too. Come enjoy some free beer and cool people. Location: Barcode - 1101 17th St. NW Sponsors: ...

Mobile First sites with BrowserCMS
February 29, 2012
New Mobile Module for BrowserCMS released!

Be Brave @ SxSW
February 28, 2012
Come and Be Brave! Leave your fear at home and round up with your gellow SxSW adventurers from DC and around the globe. We'll bring the food and drinks, but be prepared to BYO bravery. Only here can you test your bravery and Ride the bull Take tequilla Jello shots Down Mescal worms Groove t...

Home | Digestive Disease Week 2012
February 25, 2012
Nice, clean design by team BrowserMedia for AGA's DDW website.

Geeks Love Poker
February 25, 2012
DC metro area geeks that want to play a casual, friendly game of poker. You don't have to be a seasoned player to participate.

Changing the Game of Web Fonts | BrowserMedia
February 25, 2012
New post by @browsermedia 's @jefffis "Changing the Game of Web Fonts" #dctech

RubyNation / March 23-24, 2012 / Reston, VA
February 18, 2012
Rails 3.1 introduced Mountable Apps and Engine, a great way for developers to build and reuse functionality between applications. Engines can be as simple as adding a model, or a complex as an entire content management system. Now using the Asset Pipeline, even javascript and css files can be packag...

44th International Chemistry Olympiad
February 16, 2012
The University of Maryland, College Park, the venue for the theoretical and practical examination, is a public research university located in the city of College Park in Prince George's County, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C. Founded in 1856, the University of Maryland is the flagship i...

Kick starting your creative juices. | BrowserMedia
February 25, 2012
Kickstarting Your Creative Juices, by BrowserMedia's @jimboi #dctech

Social Media Week DC Closing Happy Hour
February 21, 2012
What will you do when the inaugural Social Media Week DC has comes to a close? Drink, mingle, and recap all of the awesomeness you experienced during the week of course! We'll have an open bar 'as long as suppies last' as they say. So if you want to kick in as a sponsor to keep the tab open please ...

HTML5 and Microdata Tagging SEO | BrowserMedia
February 3, 2012
HTML5 and microdata tagging SEO by BrowserMedia's @kevsung

Mobile First? Do it. Do it now. | BrowserMedia
January 27, 2012
Mobile First hotness article by BrowserMedia's own @jefffis #mobilefirst #McBrowserStories

BrowserMedia - Festivus 2011
January 11, 2012
the day after...

BrowserMedia - Festivus 2011
January 11, 2012
more aftermath.

BrowserMedia - Festivus 2011
January 11, 2012

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