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@longtailvideo as of September 20, 2013
September 20, 2013
Thanks @jherrieven, our support team will check it out and get back to you on the forums.
September 20, 2013
@jherrieven thanks for your feedback, send us an email with some more specifics and our support team can check it out with you.
September 17, 2013
@timvandijck Hi Tim - we are getting back to you shortly. Sorry for the wait.
September 17, 2013
@bentist @jwplayer as described in Adobe release notes, videos would play and upon refreshing the page videos would not play. Win XP only.
September 17, 2013
@footstompin Yes we have WP plugin. Learn more here http://bit.ly/1dj6KyN
September 16, 2013
Make sure to update to Flash 11.8 to fix a bug introduced last week that affected @jwplayer video playback in IE8 http://adobe.ly/18rn9ls
September 12, 2013
@designedbyblind please contact support[at]http://longtailvideo.com
September 9, 2013
@trespixels Our Premium product is on an annual license basis at this time. if you have specific needs email sales[at]http://longtailvideo.com
September 5, 2013
Monetize your games with @jwplayer Video Ads. Learn more http://bit.ly/15ZcJGP
August 17, 2013
@zoojajavideos 6.6 is now available.
August 17, 2013
RT @charlyjl: I love JW Player, by Long Tail Video, for my WordPress Blog. http://ow.ly/nJC68
August 13, 2013
Read more on our updated State of HTML5 Video report and how Firefox is now supporting MP4! http://bit.ly/19nSMNH
August 7, 2013
@ameijernl The release date is August 14th
August 6, 2013
Check out our latest blog on encoding HLS with Amazon Elastic Transcoder and how to create a transcoding pipeline http://bit.ly/1867QLh
July 30, 2013
Our @bitsontherun systems are back up. Sorry for the inconvenience.
July 30, 2013
RT @bitsontherun: We're still analysing the cause of the issue, we will update as soon as we can give a prognosis.
July 25, 2013
Check out pics from @pablos1 presentation today on #html5 #flash5 @DevConFive http://on.fb.me/143BHqm
July 20, 2013
RT @jonnglass: The fine folks at @jwplayer/@longtailvideo are straight up awesome. Great #customerservice!
July 20, 2013
Catch our Tech lead @pablos1 talk about #html5 #flash videos in this transitioning world @DevConFive 7/24 at 11:15 AM http://bit.ly/1aYq0Us
July 16, 2013
RT @aabweb: Turns out tracking playback events in @longtailvideo JWPlayer with @googleanalytics is relatively simple using the JW API. #swe…
June 27, 2013
RT @darrenram: Excellent customer support from @longtailvideo plus some awesome products for online video players
June 27, 2013
@darrenram great to hear!
June 25, 2013
The cloud-hosted JW Player and why it is the easiest way to go live http://ow.ly/mmA2o
June 25, 2013
@recurlystatus we still cannot access your support portal & successful_payment webhooks are not being fired.
June 19, 2013
RT @btobmagazine: @LongTailVideo announches mobile ad for @JWPlayer http://ow.ly/m9FSW
Recent News feed from their facebook page:
longtailvideo as of December 14, 2013

AddOns | Plugins | Adtonomy Image Ads (Run Your Own Ads) | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
June 14, 2011
LongTail Video's Adtonomy Image Plugin lets you run your own 300x250 image advertisements within the JW Player. Serve ads before your video starts, after your video finishes, or when the player is paused. Buy a license today!

Bits on the Run
October 24, 2012
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bits-on-the-run/id567130445?mt=8 - New & Improved Bits on the Run iPhone Application now available! Upload your videos straight from your phone & share with friends today!

The State of HTML5 Video Report - Market Share Updates, Text Tracks, MediaSource API and More... | L
October 25, 2012
http://www.longtailvideo.com/blog/28958/the-state-of-html5-video-report-market-share-updates-text-tracks-mediasource-api-and-more, Read Jeroen's latest blog post!

The State Of HTML5 Video
October 24, 2012
HTML5 has entered the online video market, which is both exciting and challenging for developers in the industry. With the HTML5 specification and the various browser implementations in constant flux, we at LongTail Video spend a signficant amount of time understanding the limitations of the technol...

The Streaming Media 100: The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video in 2012 - Stream
October 6, 2012
Old vets join new kids on the block in our list of the 100 most important companies in online video.

Video Metadata Practices to Boost SEO
September 27, 2012
Metadata is best described as data about your data. In the context of the internet, it is a quick reference (or key word) used to help describe the larger concept of your web page content. It comes in the form ofdescriptive titles, text, keywords, and dates.

September 25, 2012
This Friday: http://nycstartupjobfair.com/

September 25, 2012
Shot from Last Year's NY Start-up Job Fair - we'll be there again this Friday!

October 1, 2012
LongTail Video @NYU Poly-Tech Engineering Career Fair 2012

FOMS 2012 Recap: Here Come The Text Tracks!
September 6, 2012
FOMS (Foundations of Open Media Software) is an annual unconference for media engineers, known for its attitude of getting things done. This year's edition - held in Paris, France - again had a great mix of attendees representing codec manufacturers, media frameworks, web browsers and video players.

FOMS 2012 Main/Sessions
August 25, 2012
The possibilities of WebVTT beyond captions/descriptions are especially relevant for in-video search, timed-thumbnails, interaction with the DOM (like Popcorn.js), etc. In this session we'll explore whether the limits of WebVTT and the HTML5 track API to find out if we need to extend them to allow f...

August 22, 2012
Got HD Video to share? We're looking for new video content for our site. Send us what you got, email projectHD@longtailvideo.com

August 13, 2012
We are at the top of the list! http://www.reelseo.com/list-html5-video-players/

Mobile platforms for video: understanding where and when | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
August 2, 2012
Here at LongTail, we have a unique opportunity to observe and understand how video is being watched over the Internet. Our popular video player (JW Player) and video hosting platform (Bits on the Run) provide us with insight on video and device viewing habits. With the increasing popularity of tab...

July 25, 2012
Be sure to catch JW Player Lead Developer Pablo Schklowsky's talk on the 'track' element in just a few minutes @DevCon5 #html5

July 24, 2012
Planning your schedule for @DevCon5? Add "Utilizing the 'Track' Element in HTML5" with @longtail_video's Technical Lead to Your Must-Do List

July 24, 2012
Going to @DevConFive? Don't miss Pablo, Lead JW Player developer, from@longtailvideo tomorrow at 2 pm! #html5

LongTail Video is looking for UI/UX Designer for Video Dashboard in New York, NEW YORK, United State
July 17, 2012
LongTail Video is looking for UI/UX Designer for Video Dashboard. Anyone interested? See job description at: http://bit.ly/MEz1jC

What's new in HTML5: The Track Element | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
July 13, 2012
One of the more exciting developments in HTML5 video is the inclusion of the track element in the newest versions of the desktop browsers. In addition to bringing captioning and subtitle support to HTML5 video, the invisible track element allows publishers to attach a rich array of textual metadata...

VAST & VPAID: Standardizing Online Video Ads
June 21, 2012
So you want to run video ads? Certainly the majority of us watching or publishing video content online have experienced a video ad. What is not immediately obvious is the amount of thought and complexity behind the playback of a video ad in a video player. For video ads to be scalable, standards ha...

LongTail Video's JW Player Becomes First Third-Party Video Player To Support Google's Interactive Me
June 15, 2012

WordPress › JW Player for WordPress – Flash & HTML5 Video Player « WordPress Plugins
June 9, 2012
This video plugin is provided by LongTail Video Inc. It enables you to embed Flash and HTML5 video using the JW Player on your WordPress website.

June 2, 2012
Curious about adding video to your WordPress blog? Check out Cameron from @longtailvideo speak at @WordCampNYC next Saturday! #wcnyc

Using the Browsers' New HTML5 Fullscreen Capabilities | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
May 24, 2012
One of the killer features for HTML5 video is native browser fullscreen support. Without it, a viewer watching video through HTML5 is limited to seeing the video within the browser window, which is clearly not an immersive experience. In our latest State of HTML5 Video report, we reported that 50%...

May 16, 2012
LongTail Video is looking for a Junior Product Manager for our NYC Office. Visit http://bit.ly/LKuSfX for all the details.

How to Stream Live Video From Your iPhone to the JW Player | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
May 4, 2012
A few people have asked us if they can stream live video from their iPhones directly to the JW Player. If you're willing to install and configure a few applications, the answer is yes! This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

The State Of HTML5 Video
June 19, 2012
HTML5 has entered the online video market, which is both exciting and challenging for developers in the industry. With the HTML5 specification and the various browser implementations in constant flux, we at LongTail Video spend a signficant amount of time understanding the limitations of the technol...

The State Of HTML5 Video
April 19, 2012
HTML5 has entered the online video market, which is both exciting and challenging for developers in the industry. With the HTML5 specification and the various browser implementations in constant flux, we at LongTail Video spend a signficant amount of time understanding the limitations of the technol...

Timeslider Tooltip Plugin
April 11, 2012
Version 3 Released!

Adtonomy Video & Text Ads
April 4, 2012
An AddOn is anything that extends the capabilities or look of the JW Media Player. There are three types of AddOns: Plugins, Modules and Skins. Browse the catalog to get a better sense of their uses.

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge
March 31, 2012
We are now in our 36th consecutive year of owning and operating this global celebration of corporate teamwork, camaraderie and community giving.

March 28, 2012
At the Hack NY,”Hackathon”, college students from little known and notable Universities such as MIT Columbia and YALE, in and around the NY area vied for top awards. The two day event began on Saturday at 2pm as NYC startups presented the students with their API’s. The students then formed into com...

Open Video Ads | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
March 22, 2012
OVA 1.0.0 Released Today: http://www.longtailvideo.com/open-video-ads/

Encoding WebM Videos | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
March 6, 2012
WebM is coming up on its second anniversary. Released by Google as a royalty-free alternative to MP4, the video format has slowly gained traction on the web. MP4 still rules by a wide margin, but WebM has dethroned Ogg as the other leading format for HTML5 video.

HTML5 Takes the Lead on Android Devices | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
February 28, 2012
Even before Adobe's announcement back in November that it would cease supporting Flash on Android devices, it was becoming clear to us at LongTail Video that the JW Player would need to shift its focus on Android devices towards HTML5 mode. We took the first step with the release of the 5.9 player,...

HTML5 Video Ads: Coming To a Mobile Device Near You | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
February 28, 2012
As HTML5 grows its share of the online video market, web video publishers are beginning to look for ways to monetize videos being played outside of the traditional Flash advertising methods. But when someone watches a video in HTML5 mode, what should that experience be like? What's possible, given...

LongTail Video - Google+
February 18, 2012
LongTail Video - Home of the Web's most advanced Flash and HTML5 video player - LongTail Video is a New York-based startup that has pioneered the web video market. Our flagship product the - JW Player - is active on over one million websites and streams billions of videos each

Using Closed Captions for Online Video | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
February 13, 2012
Web video accessibility is a broad term that refers to making videos usable for all types of viewers. Traditionally, it refers to those with impairments, but more recently the definition has broadened. At LongTail Video, we feel strongly about creating the means of equal access to online video cont...

Demystifying HTML5
February 10, 2012
This session helps demystify the complexities of HTML5, H.264, WebM, and how they're all tied together.

February 10, 2012
Jeroen Speaks at Streaming Media East on HTML5 Video: http://www.streamingmedia.com/Articles/Editorial/Featured-Articles/Jeroen-Wijering-Demystifies-HTML5-Video-at-the-HTML5-Video-Summit-80516.aspx



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