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GIY Ireland - Together We Grow!

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                            GIY Ireland, Together We Grow
                            <h1 class="header">GIY Ireland, Together We Grow</h1>
                            2 h2
                            Things to Do
                            <h2>Things to Do</h2>
                            3 h3
                            To Do List - Jan
                            <h3>To Do List - Jan</h3>
                            4 h2
                            Veg of the Week
                            <h2>Veg of the Week</h2>
                            5 h2
                            Featured Article
                            <h2>Featured Article</h2>
                            6 h3
                            How I prune my Blackcurrants - Saturday 5th January 2013
                            <h3>How I prune my Blackcurrants - Saturday 5th January 2013</h3>
                            7 h2
                            Tip of the Day
                            <h2>Tip of the Day</h2>
                            8 h3
                            Invest in a Waterbutt
                            <h3 class="dyn_tips_head">Invest in a Waterbutt</h3>
                            9 h2
                            Welcome to
                            <h2>Welcome to</h2>
                            10 h3
                            GIY Ireland
                            <h3 class="giy">GIY Ireland</h3>
                            11 h4
                            7685Members and Growing
                            <h4><span>7685</span>Members and Growing</h3>
                            12 h3
                            Twitter Feed
                            <h3>Twitter Feed</h3>
                            13 h1
                            What's new
                            <h1 class="grid_12 alpha omega">What's new</h1>
                            14 h2
                            Carrotgate - the plot thickens!
                            <h2>Carrotgate - the plot thickens!</h2>
                            15 h2
                            About our Resident Expert
                            <h2>About our Resident Expert </h2>
                            16 h2
                            The GIY Membership
                            <h2>The GIY Membership</h2>
                            17 h2
                            A year in the life of a GIY group
                            <h2>A year in the life of a GIY group </h2>
                            18 h2
                            FREE GIY Ezine
                            <h2>FREE GIY Ezine</h2>
                            19 h2
                            Tip of the Day
                            <h2>Tip of the Day</h2>
                            20 h2
                            Gary Graham on why GIY does it for him
                            <h2>Gary Graham on why GIY does it for him</h2>
                            21 h1
                            Get Involved
                            <h1>Get Involved</h1>
                            22 h1
                            Get Connected
                            <h1>Get Connected</h1>
                            23 h1
                            Get Growing
                            <h1>Get Growing</h1>
                            24 h1
                            Recent Activity
                            <h1>Recent Activity</h1>
                            25 h3
                            Latest Photo Album
                            <h3>Latest Photo Album</h3>
                            26 h3
                            Upcoming Events
                            <h3>Upcoming Events</h3>
                            27 h4
                            View All Events
                            <h4><a href="">View All Events</a></h4>
                            28 h3
                            Latest Video
                            <h3>Latest Video</h3>
                            29 h3
                            From The Forums
                            <h3>From The Forums</h3>
                            30 h4
                            Visit Forums
                            <h4><a href="" class="more">Visit Forums</a></h4>
                            31 h3
                            Klaus' Corner
                            <h3>Klaus' Corner</h3>
                            32 h4
                            <h4><a href="" class="more">Blueberries</a></h4>
                            33 h3
                            Recent Blog Posts
                            <h3>Recent Blog Posts</h3>
                            34 h4
                            Happy Christmas Everyone!
                            <h4><a href="">Happy Christmas Everyone!</a></h4>
                            35 h4
                            Harvesting the Potatoes
                            <h4><a href="">Harvesting the Potatoes</a></h4>
                            36 h4
                            <h4><a href="">Willow</a></h4>
                            37 h4
                            chicken fenceing
                            <h4><a href="">chicken fenceing</a></h4>
                            38 h4
                            View All Blogs
                            <h4><a href="" class="more">View All Blogs</a></h4>
                            39 h2
                            GIY Shop
                            <h2>GIY Shop</h2>
                            40 h3
                            Speed Precision Hoe
                            <h3><a href=""> Speed Precision Hoe</a></h3>
                            41 h2
                            Proudly Supported by:
                            <h2>Proudly Supported by:</h2>
                            42 h5
                            Contact Us
                            <h5>Contact Us</h5>
                            43 h5
                            Support Us
                            <h5>Support Us</h5>
                            44 h5
                            45 h5

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                            GIY Ireland, Together We Grow Keywords: Proudly Supported By: Links to Stuff We Like How to start a GIY Group Join GIY - Become A Member This Month in the Veg Patch You Tuber - GIY Video Tutorials Articles, Columns, Recipes & Profiles GROW - The GIY Magazine GIY in The Irish Independent Operation GIY Nation Sow & Grow Schools Campaign Community Garden Initiative 'Why GIY' Video Competition SPUDS Research Study GIY Gathering 2012 (September) GIY Week 2012 (April) Download order forms Things to Do

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