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                                Unbeatable price
                                <h3>Unbeatable price</h3>
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                                Excessive Documentation
                                <h3>Excessive Documentation</h3>
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                                Clean Code
                                <h3>Clean Code</h3>
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                                Drag and Drop Admin
                                <h3>Drag and Drop Admin</h3>
                                6 h3
                                Paradise – one page portfolio WordPress theme
                                <h3>Paradise &#8211; one page portfolio WordPress theme</h3>
                                7 h3
                                Rainbow – responsive ecommerce theme for kids website
                                <h3>Rainbow &#8211; responsive ecommerce theme for kids website</h3>
                                8 h3
                                Wireframe – responsive minimal WP theme with ecommerce support
                                <h3>Wireframe &#8211; responsive minimal WP theme with ecommerce support</h3>
                                9 h3
                                Surface – clean responsive WordPress theme with eCommerce
                                <h3>Surface &#8211; clean responsive WordPress theme with eCommerce</h3>
                                10 h3
                                Relic – simple responsive WordPress theme with eCommerce
                                <h3>Relic &#8211; simple responsive WordPress theme with eCommerce</h3>
                                11 h3
                                Entio – red white black Twitter Bootstrap theme
                                <h3>Entio &#8211; red white black Twitter Bootstrap theme</h3>
                                12 h3
                                Cryo – white professional Bootstrap 3.0 theme
                                <h3>Cryo &#8211; white professional Bootstrap 3.0 theme</h3>
                                13 h3
                                Boss – premium Twitter Bootstrap theme
                                <h3>Boss &#8211; premium Twitter Bootstrap theme</h3>
                                14 h3
                                Vision – flat clean style Bootstrap theme
                                <h3>Vision &#8211; flat clean style Bootstrap theme</h3>
                                15 h3
                                Magnus – clean style theme for Twitter Bootstrap
                                <h3>Magnus &#8211; clean style theme for Twitter Bootstrap</h3>
                                16 h3
                                Misty – responsive business Joomla template
                                <h3>Misty &#8211; responsive business Joomla template</h3>
                                17 h3
                                Crystal – furniture design Joomla template
                                <h3>Crystal &#8211; furniture design Joomla template</h3>
                                18 h3
                                One shot photo portfolio Joomla template
                                <h3>One shot photo portfolio Joomla template</h3>
                                19 h3
                                Real estate Joomla template
                                <h3>Real estate Joomla template</h3>
                                20 h3
                                Travel – responsive joomla template
                                <h3>Travel &#8211; responsive joomla template</h3>
                                21 h3
                                DX Themes
                                <h3 class="widgettitle">DX Themes</h3>
                                22 h3
                                Recent From Blog
                                <h3 class="widgettitle">Recent From Blog</h3>
                                23 h3
                                Legal Information
                                <h3 class="widgettitle">Legal Information</h3>
                                24 h3
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