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Boston Children's Chorus

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                                Please Log In
                                <h3>Please Log In</h3>
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                                <h1><a href="/"><img src="images/logo.png" alt="Boston Children's Chorus" /></a></h1>
                                3 h2
                                excited to sing with you guys again!
                                <h2>excited to sing with you guys again!</h2>
                                4 h2
                                Content of Character
                                <h2>Content of Character</h2>
                                5 h2
                                Show BCC Pride
                                <h2>Show BCC Pride</h2>
                                6 h2
                                Pencil in Dates for 2013
                                <h2>Pencil in Dates for 2013</h2>
                                7 h2
                                8 h3
                                Support Us
                                <h3><a href="/support_us" title="Support Us">Support Us</a></h3>
                                9 h3
                                Book Us
                                <h3><a href="/contact_us/book_us" title="Book Us">Book Us</a></h3>
                                10 h3
                                Join Us
                                <h3><a href="/contact_us/join_the_chorus" title="Join Us">Join Us</a></h3>
                                11 h4
                                Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter
                                <h4>Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter</h4>
                                12 h2
                                Upcoming Events
                                <h2>Upcoming Events</h2>
                                13 h4
                                MLK Concord-Carlisle Celebration
                                <h4 title="/news_and_events/performance_calendar/event/2349">MLK Concord-Carlisle Celebration</h4>
                                14 h4
                                MLK Qabbalat Shabbat Service
                                <h4 title="/news_and_events/performance_calendar/event/2348">MLK Qabbalat Shabbat Service</h4>
                                15 h4
                                Annual MLK Celebration Service
                                <h4 title="/news_and_events/performance_calendar/event/2352">Annual MLK Celebration Service</h4>
                                16 h4
                                10th Annual MLK Jr. Tribute Concert
                                <h4 title="/news_and_events/performance_calendar/event/2354">10th Annual MLK Jr. Tribute Concert</h4>

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                                Please Log In Username Password Remember Me Log In Need an account? excited to sing with you guys again! says Melinda Doolittle who appears with Cindy Blackman Santana at MLK 2013 Content of Character The 10th Annual MLK Tribute Concert's theme is "Content of Character" Show BCC Pride Check out a new line of BCC merchandise- from shoulder bags to doggy t-shirts! Pencil in Dates for 2013 10th Anniversary Season Highlights continue! TOUR! BCC?s Cultural Diplomacy Initiative aims to provide ac

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