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                              1 description Your #1 Pinoy Channel for TV shows including ABS-CBN, GMA & TV5 episodes even pinoy movies, trailers, and Showbiz updates. Watch TFC while you relax, updated daily!
                              2 keywords pinoy channel, abs cbn, gma, pinoy tv, pinoy movies, free tv shows, free movies, free youtube shows, hollywood movies

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                              New Funny Videos
                              <h4 class="widgettitle">New Funny Videos</h4>
                              4 h5
                              Vice Ganda Amalayer
                              <h5><a href="/videos/funny/50518/vice-ganda-amalayer-version.html">Vice Ganda Amalayer </a></h5>
                              5 h5
                              if you laughed, you
                              <h5><a href="/videos/funny/47500/if-you-laughed-you-are-a-horrible-person.html">if you laughed, you </a></h5>
                              6 h5
                              don't play with cats
                              <h5><a href="/videos/funny/47482/dont-play-with-cats-food.html">don't play with cats</a></h5>
                              7 h5
                              the break up speech
                              <h5><a href="/videos/funny/47476/the-break-up-speech-comedy-skit.html">the break up speech </a></h5>
                              8 h5
                              adult baby pank
                              <h5><a href="/videos/funny/47426/adult-baby-pank.html">adult baby pank</a></h5>
                              9 h5
                              gangster wives [Come
                              <h5><a href="/videos/funny/47420/gangster-wives-comedy-skit.html">gangster wives [Come</a></h5>
                              10 h5
                              cactus vs man challe
                              <h5><a href="/videos/funny/47419/cactus-vs-man-challenge.html">cactus vs man challe</a></h5>
                              11 h4
                              <h4 class="widgettitle">Sponsors</h4>
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                              Latest Food Recipes
                              <h4 class="widgettitle">Latest Food Recipes</h4>
                              13 h5
                              Spicy Pusit Recipe
                              <h5><a href="/videos/food-recipes/47332/spicy-pusit-recipe.html">Spicy Pusit Recipe</a></h5>
                              14 h5
                              Enchiladas Recipe
                              <h5><a href="/videos/food-recipes/47331/enchiladas-recipe.html">Enchiladas Recipe</a></h5>
                              15 h5
                              Callos Recipe
                              <h5><a href="/videos/food-recipes/47330/callos-recipe.html">Callos Recipe</a></h5>
                              16 h5
                              Chicken Pastel Recip
                              <h5><a href="/videos/food-recipes/47329/chicken-pastel-recipe.html">Chicken Pastel Recip</a></h5>
                              17 h5
                              Puto ( Recipe )
                              <h5><a href="/videos/food-recipes/47328/puto-recipe-.html">Puto ( Recipe )</a></h5>
                              18 h5
                              Broccoli soup
                              <h5><a href="/videos/food-recipes/47262/broccoli-soup.html">Broccoli soup</a></h5>
                              19 h1
                              Welcome To Watch Pinoy Tube!
                              <h1>Welcome To Watch Pinoy Tube!</h1>
                              20 h2
                              Latest Videos
                              <h2>Latest Videos</h2>
                              21 h3
                              lee san wind of the pala
                              <h3><a href="/gma/lee-san-wind-of-the-palace/52282/lee-san-wind-of-the-palace-january-8-2013.html">lee san wind of the pala</a></h3>
                              22 h3
                              reporters notebook Janua
                              <h3><a href="/gma/reporters-notebook/52281/reporters-notebook-january-8-2013.html">reporters notebook Janua</a></h3>
                              23 h3
                              patrol ng pilipino Janua
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/patrol-ng-pilipino/52279/patrol-ng-pilipino-january-8-2013.html">patrol ng pilipino Janua</a></h3>
                              24 h3
                              reaksyon January 8, 2013
                              <h3><a href="/tv5/reaksyon/52278/reaksyon-january-8-2013.html">reaksyon January 8, 2013</a></h3>
                              25 h3
                              the princess man January
                              <h3><a href="/gma/the-princess-man/52277/the-princess-man-january-8-2013.html">the princess man January</a></h3>
                              26 h3
                              pilipinas news January 8
                              <h3><a href="/tv5/pilipinas-news/52276/pilipinas-news-january-8-2013.html">pilipinas news January 8</a></h3>
                              27 h3
                              bandila January 8, 2013
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/bandila/52275/bandila-january-8-2013.html">bandila January 8, 2013</a></h3>
                              28 h3
                              saksi January 8, 2013
                              <h3><a href="/gma/saksi/52274/saksi-january-8-2013.html">saksi January 8, 2013</a></h3>
                              29 h3
                              kahit pusoy masugatan ja
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/kahit-pusoy-masugatan/52273/kahit-pusoy-masugatan-january-8-2013.html">kahit pusoy masugatan ja</a></h3>
                              30 h3
                              a beautiful affair janua
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/a-beautiful-affair/52272/a-beautiful-affair-january-8-2013.html">a beautiful affair janua</a></h3>
                              31 h3
                              temptation of wife janua
                              <h3><a href="/gma/temptation-of-wife/52271/temptation-of-wife-january-8-2013.html">temptation of wife janua</a></h3>
                              32 h3
                              kidlat first episode jan
                              <h3><a href="/tv5/kidlat/52270/kidlat-first-episode-january-8-2013.html">kidlat first episode jan</a></h3>
                              33 h3
                              pahiram ng sandali janua
                              <h3><a href="/gma/pahiram-ng-sandali/52269/pahiram-ng-sandali-january-8-2013.html">pahiram ng sandali janua</a></h3>
                              34 h3
                              ina kapatid anak january
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/ina-kapatid-anak/52268/ina-kapatid-anak-january-8-2013.html">ina kapatid anak january</a></h3>
                              35 h3
                              aso ni san roque january
                              <h3><a href="/gma/aso-ni-san-roque/52267/aso-ni-san-roque-january-8-2013.html">aso ni san roque january</a></h3>
                              36 h3
                              princess and i january 8
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/princess-and-i/52266/princess-and-i-january-8-2013.html">princess and i january 8</a></h3>
                              37 h3
                              jeepney jackpot pera o p
                              <h3><a href="/tv5/jeepney-jackpot-pera-o-para/52265/jeepney-jackpot-pera-o-para-january-8-2013.html">jeepney jackpot pera o p</a></h3>
                              38 h3
                              24 oras january 8, 2013
                              <h3><a href="/gma/24-oras/52264/24-oras-january-8-2013.html">24 oras january 8, 2013</a></h3>
                              39 h3
                              aryana january 8, 2013
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/aryana/52263/aryana-january-8-2013.html">aryana january 8, 2013</a></h3>
                              40 h3
                              tv patrol january 8, 201
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/tv-patrol/52262/tv-patrol-january-8-2013.html">tv patrol january 8, 201</a></h3>
                              41 h3
                              rooftop prince january 8
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/rooftop-prince/52261/rooftop-prince-january-8-2013.html">rooftop prince january 8</a></h3>
                              42 h3
                              pinoy true stories Janua
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/pinoy-true-stories/52260/pinoy-true-stories-january-8-2013.html">pinoy true stories Janua</a></h3>
                              43 h3
                              paroa ang kwento ni mar
                              <h3><a href="/gma/paroa-ang-kwento-ni-mariposa/52259/paroa-ang-kwento-ni-mariposa-january-8-2013.html">paroa ang kwento ni mar</a></h3>
                              44 h3
                              smile dong hae January 8
                              <h3><a href="/gma/smile-dong-hae/52258/smile-dong-hae-january-8-2013.html">smile dong hae January 8</a></h3>
                              45 h3
                              a gentlemans dignity jan
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/a-gentlemans-dignity/52257/a-gentlemans-dignity-january-8-2013.html">a gentlemans dignity jan</a></h3>
                              46 h3
                              paraiso january 8, 2013
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/paraiso/52256/paraiso-january-8-2013.html">paraiso january 8, 2013</a></h3>
                              47 h3
                              mmk klasiks january 8, 2
                              <h3><a href="/abs-cbn/mmk/52255/mmk-klasiks-january-8-2013.html">mmk klasiks january 8, 2</a></h3>
                              48 h3
                              magdalena January 8, 201
                              <h3><a href="/gma/magdalena/52254/magdalena-january-8-2013.html">magdalena January 8, 201</a></h3>
                              49 h4
                              <h4 class="widgettitle">Advertisements</h4>
                              50 h4
                              Like Us On Facebook!
                              <h4 class="widgettitle">Like Us On Facebook!</h4>
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                              52 h4
                              Chat Box
                              <h4 class="widgettitle">Chat Box</h4>
                              53 h4
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