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                                Set Up Compass and Sass for Reverie
                                <h2><a href="">Set Up Compass and Sass for Reverie</a></h2>
                                3 h2
                                Use Foundation Icon Fonts in Reverie
                                <h2><a href="">Use Foundation Icon Fonts in Reverie</a></h2>
                                4 h2
                                Introducing New Forum
                                <h2><a href="">Introducing New Forum</a></h2>
                                5 h2
                                FeedPress Feed for Your Blog
                                <h2><a href="">FeedPress Feed for Your Blog</a></h2>
                                6 h2
                                Looking for the Next Google Reader
                                <h2><a href="">Looking for the Next Google Reader</a></h2>
                                7 h2
                                Create a Child Theme of Reverie 4
                                <h2><a href="">Create a Child Theme of Reverie 4</a></h2>
                                8 h2
                                Reverie Framework 4 Now Available
                                <h2><a href="">Reverie Framework 4 Now Available</a></h2>
                                9 h2
                       Menu Bar Icon for Your Mac
                                <h2><a href=""> Menu Bar Icon for Your Mac</a></h2>
                                10 h2
                                required+ Foundation Shortcodes
                                <h2><a href="">required+ Foundation Shortcodes</a></h2>
                                11 h2
                                Create an Orbit Slider in Reverie
                                <h2><a href="">Create an Orbit Slider in Reverie</a></h2>
                                12 h3
                                Popular of the Month More
                                <h3 class="post-section"> <a href=""> <i class="icon-fire-station"></i> Popular of the Month <span>More <i class="icon-right"></i></span> </a></h3>

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                                Home Channels WordPress Tutorials WordPress Tips WordPress Themes WordPress Plugins Blog Themes Reverie Framework Services & Goodies Chrome App Newsletter Forum Cover StoryVisit forum for all the support of Reverie. LatestPopularLovedForum Set Up Compass and Sass for Reverie By Zhen in Tutorials, 2 months ago, 3 minutes readFoundation first introduced Sass version in its third version and Reverie only has the Sass stylesheet packed in its forth edition. In this tutorial, we will go through

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