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                            4 description Get RightScale Cloud Management to manage all your cloud infrastructure with a single, integrated solution for extreme efficiency, speed and control.
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                            Cloud Management
                            <h1 id="tagline">Cloud Management</h1>
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                            Cloud Computing Management for All your Clouds
                            <h2 class="banner-header">Cloud Computing Management for All your Clouds</h2>
                            3 h3
                            SERVERS LAUNCHED
                            <h3>SERVERS LAUNCHED</h3>
                            4 h2
                            Design to meet your requirements
                            <h2 class="banner-header">Design to meet your requirements</h2>
                            5 h2
                            Power Up Your Openstack Cloud
                            <h2>Power Up Your Openstack Cloud</h2>
                            6 h3
                            Now available in the RightScale Dashboard
                            <h3>Now available in the RightScale Dashboard</h3>
                            7 h2
                            Manage your private &hybrid clouds
                            <h2 class="banner-header">Manage your private &amp;hybrid clouds</h2>
                            8 h2
                            Introducing the next big RightScale community event!
                            <h2>Introducing the next big<br /> RightScale community event!</h2>
                            9 h3
                            San Francisco · April 25-26, 2013
                            <h3>San Francisco &middot; April 25-26, 2013</h3>
                            10 h2
                            Why Cloud Management
                            <h2>Why Cloud Management</h2>
                            11 h2
                            See For Yourself
                            <h2>See For Yourself</h2>
                            12 h2
                            Design Hybrid Clouds
                            <h2>Design Hybrid Clouds</h2>
                            13 h2
                            News & Events
                            <h2><a href="/news_events/">News &amp; Events</a></h2>
                            14 h2
                            RightScale Customers
                            <h2>RightScale Customers</h2>

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                            1.866.720.0208 Cloud Management Configuration Framework MultiCloud Marketplace RightScale for Enterprise Enterprise Path to the Cloud Private and Hybrid Cloud Services, Support & Training Cloud Computing Uses Development and Test Chef with RightScale Data and Network Security Puppet with RightScale Windows in the Cloud Datapipe Stratosphere Google Compute Engine SoftLayer CloudLayer Cloud Cost Calculator Press Contacts & Kit Top 10 RightScale Myths Cloud Computing Management for All your Clouds

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