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Paravisini Coffee Company - Fresh-Roasted Specialty Coffee

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                                8 description Paravisini Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roaster located in Cranston, Rhode Island. We find the finest specialty coffee from around the world, roast it to perfection, and deliver it fresh to you!

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                                Shopping Cart
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                                Featured Products
                                <h3>Featured Products</h3>
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                                Amber Lab Espresso
                                <h4><a href="/coffee/details/amber-lab-espresso" title="Amber Lab Espresso">Amber Lab Espresso</a></h4>
                                4 h4
                                Guatemala Finca Rosma
                                <h4><a href="/coffee/details/guatemala-finca-rosma" title="Guatemala Finca Rosma">Guatemala Finca Rosma</a></h4>
                                5 h4
                                Ethiopia Pulp Natural
                                <h4><a href="/coffee/details/ethiopia-pulp-natural" title="Ethiopia Pulp Natural">Ethiopia Pulp Natural</a></h4>
                                6 h3
                                E-Mail Newsletter
                                <h3>E-Mail Newsletter</h3>
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                                Communicate With Us
                                <h5>Communicate With Us</h5>
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                                Buy Coffee
                                <h5>Buy Coffee</h5>
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                                Buy Equipment
                                <h5>Buy Equipment</h5>
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                                About Us
                                <h5>About Us</h5>

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                                The quality and passion behind Paravisini Coffee is second to none! This is the best coffee I have ever tasted. —Matt D, Providence RI Shopping Cart ) Featured Products $12.97 The Amber Lab? Espresso is an on-going process to capture the perfect espresso Guatemala Finca Rosma $13.50 Bright floral, roses, apple cider and cherry notes. Ethiopia Pulp Natural $14.84 A rare, intense coffee. Bright fruit, full body, incredible aftertaste. E-Mail Newsletter Get brewing tips, news on upcoming coff

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