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                                  Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
                                  <h1 id="logo" class="graphic"><a href="" title="Return to homepage">Grand Sierra Resort and Casino</a></h1>
                                  2 h1
                                  Reservations 1-800-501-2651
                                  <h1 id="quickres_title"><span id="quickres_title_name">Reservations <span id="best_rate"><a href=""><img src="/images/templates/gsr_main/btn_best_rate.png" border="0" /></a></span></span> <span id="quickres_phone">1-800-501-2651</span></h1>
                                  3 h1
                                  Events and Special Offers
                                  <h1 id="slides_container">Events and Special Offers</h1>
                                  4 h1
                                  Welcome to Grand Sierra Resort!
                                  <h1>Welcome to Grand Sierra Resort!</h1>
                                  5 h1
                                  Loose Slots
                                  <h1>Loose Slots</h1>
                                  6 h1
                                  25 million in renovations
                                  <h1>25 million in renovations</h1>
                                  7 h1
                                  GSRewards $80,000 Cash & Free Play Extravaganza
                                  <h1>GSRewards $80,000 Cash &amp; Free Play Extravaganza</h1>
                                  8 h1
                                  WET Party Pit
                                  <h1>WET Party Pit</h1>
                                  9 h1
                                  Local Ladies Night January 17
                                  <h1>Local Ladies Night January 17</h1>
                                  10 h1
                                  January 30% to 50% Off Room Sale
                                  <h1>January 30% to 50% Off Room Sale</h1>
                                  11 h1
                                  Grand Millionaire Giveaway
                                  <h1>Grand Millionaire Giveaway</h1>
                                  12 h1
                                  The Big Game Watch & Win
                                  <h1>The Big Game Watch &amp; Win</h1>
                                  13 h1
                                  Fine Italian Dining
                                  <h1>Fine Italian Dining</h1>
                                  14 h1
                                  Stay in the Summit
                                  <h1>Stay in the Summit</h1>
                                  15 h1
                                  RIM - Our new Pan-Asian bistro created by premier Reno restaurateur, Joe Wong.
                                  <h1>RIM - Our new Pan-Asian bistro created by premier Reno restaurateur, Joe Wong.</h1>
                                  16 h1
                                  Casino Loyalty and Rewards Program
                                  <h1>Casino Loyalty and Rewards Program</h1>
                                  17 h1
                                  Charlie Palmer Steak
                                  <h1>Charlie Palmer Steak</h1>
                                  18 h1
                                  Family Fun
                                  <h1>Family Fun</h1>
                                  19 h1
                                  Room Add-ons
                                  <h1>Room Add-ons</h1>
                                  20 h1
                                  What’s Happening at GSR
                                  <h1>What&#8217;s Happening at GSR</h1>
                                  21 h1
                                  Weddings at GSR
                                  <h1>Weddings at GSR</h1>
                                  22 h1
                                  Latest News
                                  <h1>Latest News</h1>
                                  23 h1
                                  Reno / Tahoe Ski and Lodging Vacation Packages
                                  <h1>Reno / Tahoe Ski and Lodging Vacation Packages</h1>
                                  24 h1
                                  Enter to Win
                                  <h1>Enter to Win</h1>
                                  25 h1
                                  Family Adventures
                                  <h1>Family Adventures</h1>
                                  26 h1
                                  Casino Events
                                  <h1>Casino Events</h1>
                                  27 h1
                                  Reno Wedding Packages
                                  <h1>Reno Wedding Packages</h1>
                                  28 h2
                                  Site Map
                                  <h2>Site Map</h2>

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                                  Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Arrival Date Departure Date Offer Code Adults Kids AAA Grand Sierra Resort Home Meetings and Conventions Events and Special Offers Welcome to Grand Sierra Resort! Welcome to Northern Nevada's premiere resort and casino. Loose Slots We've loosened our slots up to 40%! Which means players can play longer and win more! 25 million in renovations $25 million in exciting new renovations include upgraded guest rooms and suites, Cantina, a new Mexican restaurant, with Nort

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