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                                    3 description Sustainable solutions: how your purchasing power can change the world

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                                    reThinkWood on Twitter:
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                                    Like Feel-Good.caon Facebook:
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                                    reThinkWood on Facebook:
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                                    recognizing environmental responsibility
                                    <h2>recognizing environmental responsibility</h2>
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                                    1. Harvest legally.
                                    <h4> <a href="#">1. Harvest legally.</a></h4>
                                    7 h4
                                    2. Regenerate harvested lands promptly.
                                    <h4> <a href="#">2. Regenerate harvested lands promptly.</a></h4>
                                    8 h4
                                    3. Reduce waste, support recovery and recycling.
                                    <h4> <a href="#">3. Reduce waste, support recovery and recycling.</a></h4>
                                    9 h4
                                    4. Reduce greenhouse gases and help fight climate change.
                                    <h4> <a href="#">4. Reduce greenhouse gases and help fight climate change.</a></h4>
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                                    5. Welcome independent scrutiny of forest management practices.
                                    <h4> <a href="#">5. Welcome independent scrutiny of forest management practices.</a></h4>

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                                    home | contact | collaboration portal | language: sustainable solutions: how your purchasing power can change the world about buying Canadian forest products about green building about pulp and paper products about legal and sustainable products collaboration and partnerships Canada's forest sector makes sure its wood, pulp and paper products are the result of responsible forest and production practices. sample procurement policies Building professionals who care about the environment are choos

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